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Save Farmers

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The major section of the Indian population resides in rural areas of India. India is a country that is still going through its developing phase and many tribal communities still exist. For them, Agriculture is the principal source of earning bread and butter in India. Although India has reached the developing stage, there are no major changes visible in the lifestyle of Indian people, especially those living in rural regions, and there are no significant signs of possible changes in the future course of time. In India, the agriculture sector is a sector that is anyhow surviving and is offering no financial stability to our Indian farmers.

Problems encountered by Indian farmers are-

  • Small and fragmented land-holdings
  • Unavailability of good quality of Seeds
  • Fertilizers and Biocides
  • Lack of Modern Equipment
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Dealing with local traders and middleman
  • Inadequate water supply

What We Do

Hanvi Foundation understands farmers' plight in India and determines the real reasons behind their struggle for survival. Indian farmers must learn about the various schemes and grants by the government of India. Besides this, they must get trained in effective agricultural practices. We are providing the poor and marginalized farmers in India with the required education and guide them in maintaining their livelihood.

Our foundation is endeavoring to work on sustainable projects concerning soil conservation, optimization of the crop, water harvesting, and afforestation. We are striving to support Indian farmers battling illiteracy, poverty, and healthcare issues by organizing development programs on a monthly basis. We feel that farmers should gear up to support their families with pesticides, seeds, and various other supplies.

Through agriculture-based livelihood programs, our foundation, Hanvi Foundation, is planning to assist millions of families dependent on agriculture through Promoting FPO (Farmer producer organization) by recharging borewells and providing tractors and farm equipment. We are drafting the strategies to change the situation in the drought-prone regions. We have been continuously helping the farmers in overcoming the shortage of water. We believe that with the kind of efforts we are putting under our foundation, we will help farmers stand tall against drought-like circumstances and save the crops for them.

In addition to this, our foundation is striving to uplift the living standards of poverty-stricken farmers by providing them with food and income security, making them usher on the path of self-reliance, ensuring equal opportunities on all the grounds, and an environment for marginalized farmers to spend rest of their lives with dignity and respect.

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